The Mona Lisa Foundation

I write to you on behalf of the Mona Lisa Foundation concerning the outstanding work that the Singapore and Shanghai Radius teams have performed in helping us to achieve our goal of assisting our Chinese organiser in preparing the “Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’ Exhibition”, which is currently having its second edition in Shanghai from April to August 2016.

The challenge was a significant one: assisting us in creating an engrossing experience that would take the visitor through the story of the painting all the way from Renaissance Italy to the most recent work conducted by the Mona Lisa Foundation and integrating a number of different media, supports and suppliers. Radius Singapore and Shanghai masterfully assisted us in bringing this to fruition in so many different ways.

First, we had to prepare and transport all exhibition elements from Singapore to Shanghai. Mr. Jerry Wong at Radius Singapore did a fantastic job in ensuring that all items were appropriately inventoried and prepared for transport. More importantly, he did this with great proactivity.

The exhibition design was executed by Gallagher and Associates Asia (GAA) in Singapore and here once again Mr. Wong displayed incredible efficiency and attention to detail. A testament to this is that though we initially had mandated GAA to monitor Radius’ work, it sometimes felt like it was the other around!

The venue the Chinese organiser chose was simply an empty shell, which caused the need for us to completely build the flooring, as well as to paint significant portions of the walls and ceiling. It was also necessary to roll out large quantities of carpet and curtains to create the desired ambiance. Radius Shanghai and Mr. James Chen particularly, executed all of this in record time and, again, with an incredible level of attention to detail, quality and anticipating all possible challenges before they even arose.

Radius also helped us in many other significant ways, always with the highest degree of professionalism and care: ensuring that the production of the exhibition elements were of the highest quality and fit with the plans; supervising the installation of the exhibition; integrating the many different audio-visual elements and props that formed part of the exhibition; forward thinking and planning for visitor flow; and liaising on a constant basis with all of the individuals involved in the execution of the exhibition. Mr. Wong and Mr. Chen were of course managing this process, but we would also like to mention Ms. Yolanda Wong, Mr. Zavier Hua and Mr. Carey Sun for their exceptional contributions to making the above feel seamless.

Since the opening of the exhibition, Radius Shanghai and Mr. Chen particularly, have gone above and beyond to ensure that all elements are in working order and find solutions when they are not. Beyond this, we very much feel that Mr. Chen is our “man on the ground”, and have complete trust in his ability to look after our interests while we are not physically present in Shanghai.

On a personal level, we always found Radius staff to be attentive to detail, responsive, creative, professional and, perhaps most importantly, animated by a positive “can do” attitude.

On behalf of the Mona Lisa Foundation, I would recommend Radius’ services without reservations whatsoever. Perhaps the greatest testament to our satisfaction with this past work for us, is our firm desire to continue to employ Radius, perhaps even in a more comprehensive roles, as we embark on the next stages of “Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Earlier Mona’” world tour.

In closing, I would once again like to thank both Radius team members in Shanghai and Singapore for the exceptional work accomplished and our appreciation of the great interest and enthusiasm shown for that which is still to come!